18 Mujeres Prog


Recorrido por algunas bandas que cuentan con la participación permanente de mujeres.

Sweet Billy Pilgrim: Coloma Blues (Motorcade Amnesiacs,2015)

IAMTHEMORNING: 5/4 (Belighted,2014)

Knifeworld: Don’t Land on Me (The Unravelling,2014)

Anathema: The Lost Song part 2 (Distant Satellites,2015)

The Anchoress: Confessions of a Romantic Novelist (Confessions of a Romantic Novelist,2016)

Anathema: A Natural Disaster (A Sort of Homecoming,2015)

The Gathering: Even the Spirits are Afraid (Souvenirs,2003)

Yuka and Chronoship: R is for Rocket (Dyno Rocket Oxygen,2013)

IAMTHEMORNING: K.O.S (Belighted,2014)